Confirmed: Narcolepsy Is An Autoimmune Disease

Results also partly explain why the 2009 swine flu virus, and a vaccine against it, led to spikes in the sleep disorder.

Immunologist Elizabeth Mellins and narcolepsy researcher Emmanuel Mignot at Stanford University School of Medicine in California and their collaborators have now partly solved the mystery behind these events, while also confirming a longstanding hypothesis that narcolepsy is an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system attacks healthy cells.

Narcolepsy, a mysterious disorder that involves sudden, uncontrollable sleepiness, is mostly caused by the gradual loss of neurons that produce hypocretin, a hormone that keeps us awake. Many scientists had suspected that the immune system was responsible, but the Stanford team has found the first direct evidence: a special group of CD4+ T cells (a type of immune cell) that targets hypocretin and is found only in people with narcolepsy.

“Up till now, the idea that narcolepsy was an autoimmune disorder was a very compelling hypothesis, but this is the first direct evidence of autoimmunity,” says Mellins. “I think these cells are a smoking gun.” The study is published today in Science.

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    Adolescents have reported various infections as triggers of their narcolepsy including strep, the swine flu, and other...
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    The swine flu is when my cfs/me started. Interesting findings about the flu, vaccines & autoimmunity.
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